Jill Deacon
Feb 19, 2019
Dog, Small, Is-senior

This food brought my puppy back!

I’ve seen so many reviews and commercials praising this company and I couldn’t help but share our story and gratitude. I adopted my dog about 6 years ago (she was 7 at the time), and she was such a sad, timid, very untrusting little dog. It took a couple years before I saw her open up and be a little more playful and trusting, which was so exciting. But then about a year ago I saw her temperament going back to the scared/sad days, so we tried the vet to see what was changing. As she’s going older, her teeth, joints, and body are becoming more sensitive and finicky, and she actually starting refusing to eat. We decided to start getting the good food to see if it would help, and boy did it ever. In the past year I have seen a puppy emerge from my sad little senior lady- she is playful and spunky and has more personality than I’ve seen since I adopted her. Thank you, Freshpet, you’ve made my girl a happy one, and I think she’s actually getting younger every day!

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