Melissa Marks
Feb 24, 2019
Dog, Small, Is-senior

Hes a Happy Dog Now

I couldn’t get Pookie to eat regular dog food. Found Freshpet and have tried many different recipes and he’s done very well. Last time I found the Freshpet Beef and Bison roll with Blueberries & Cranberries – he went wild for it! He just turned 14 in January and you would think he was a puppy. So full of life and loves to play. He’s a picky little eater so this has been a God send for us. The treats he absolutely loves. Will not go to bed until you get one and tell him go and he takes off and jumps on the bed and is a happy dog. I cannot thank you all enough for giving me my little Pookie Bear back. He loves this product and so do we!! It’s the only food he will ever get from now on! He’s active and happy again. You all are so amazing and I couldn’t be more thankful for this product!

Thank you so much!!!!
Pookie’s mom Missie from Morgantown WV

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