melissa parfitt
Mar 01, 2019
Dog, Small, Is-senior

Finally found something my senior will eat!!!

I adopted a 13yr old chihuahua 6 months ago. He had all his teeth removed due to rot prior to me adopting him. He had eye removal surgery a month ago. Scottie was very thin, wouldn’t eat anything. I tried everything under the sun to get him to eat. I tried everything from the most expensive to cheap cringe worthy dog food. He would eat a little here and there and get horrible gas. I was going crazy trying different brands and textures. I ran into a couple at our local grocery looking at Freshpet and I asked them whether they ever bought it. The couple told me that it was all their dog would eat. So I gave it a try. Scottie now begs for meals!! No more gas! He gets up in the mornings for breakfast. Begs for lunch and dinner!! I feel so much relief knowing he is getting the nutrition he needs.

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