May 26, 2013
Large, Is a senior

My Lab Anna Loves It!

I had a nice coupon for Freshpet that I’d been holding awhile and finally used it before expiration to purchase a large tube to try with Anna our 9 yr old yellow lab who normally chows down on a can of her preferred dog food combined with two cups dry food daily. When I first sliced into the Freshpet and smelled the wonderful aroma, I knew Anna was in for a real treat. She was immediately at my side, patiently waiting, and seemed know it too. Cubed and mixed with her senior dry food, Anna cleaned her bowl which she has rarely done before. Suffice it to say that she loves it so far and I’m anxious to see how she reacts to your other products. Plus, I’m very interested to see any affects on her health. Kind of pricey and I hope to see more coupons in the future.

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