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How Do You Keep Your Professional Puppy Busy?

Deuce the Freshpet Office Dog in the Freshpet Office

Deuce watched the Freshpet Food truck pull up outside the conference room.

Deuce loves to go to the Freshpet office with me, but he’s still a high-energy puppy. He loves Freshpet’s new Fresh Bones, Sweet Potato Treats and Fresh Chews but neither of us can just snack all day. (By the way, the two-legged Freshpet employees always have a selection of healthy snacks in the kitchen, too! I’m partial to grapes and watermelon, myself!)

Having Deuce in the office is healthy for me, too. Not only does his presence make me happy, but he requires a break every so often. Remember when only smokers got a chance to go outside in the middle of the day? Dog-friendly companies’ workers get to take a little walk, clear their heads and let puppers do their business, too!

He’s a power chewer who loves to shred rope bones, shoes and everything else he can sink his teeth into, so I keep a supply of toys at the office.

What do you do to keep your busy pup content while you’re at work? 

Have You Spotted the Freshpet Food Truck?

Deuce and the Freshpet Food Truck Picture - Picture of the Freshpet Food Truck

Deuce drove the Freshpet food truck. Not too fast or the dogs on top will start whining!

Anyone who’s ever watched a food show on TV can tell you that food trucks are a very hot trend right now. The Freshpet Food Truck has tongues (and tails) wagging all over New York City. It’s the first food truck for dogs! It travels all over and introduces Freshpet fresh dog food to New York’s best friends.

We go to adoption events and help out local shelters with food donations, too. We know those adoptable dogs have been through a lot, so giving them some fresh, healthy dog food is the least we can do!

The truck has a counter that invites big dogs to “paw up to the bar,” a doggie door for smaller dogs and schoolbus-style signs that pop out and invite dogs to “paws” for a minute.

The pack of dogs on top looks so real that people on the sidewalk stop and stare. Drivers honk and wave while tourists take pictures.

The Freshpet Food Truck has its own Twitter account (@FreshpetTruck) so New Yorkers can find it on its appointed rounds. Sometimes Deuce even makes an appearance! Follow us and come out and introduce yourself while your dog tries fresh dog food. We’d love to meet you.

Do you want the Freshpet Food Truck to come to your event? Drop us an email at online@Freshpet.com.

Meet the Dogs, Ace and Deuce

Golden retriever dog meets yellow lab puppy - picture of golden retriever and lab puppy

Ace, Kristen and Deuce on Deuce’s Adoption Day. (Don’t worry. Ace warmed up to him quickly!)

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you’re more interested in pets than people. So, meet my guys, Ace and Deuce.

Ace was a golden retriever we adopted from a shelter when he was just 8 weeks old. A certified therapy dog who visited hospice patients, he was our practice baby, a much-loved hospital volunteer and my firstborn child…just the best boy. Sadly, he was diagnosed with lymphoma when he was 6, then he fought the cancer for 10 months. He died in May 2011. He was just 7.

When we learned that Ace was dying we thought we’d adopt another puppy, and we just had to call him Deuce. Though Deuce will never replace Ace, we’re not the same without a dog and we hoped it would make the loss a bit more manageable. Eventually I would need a new therapy partner and I wanted to start training the puppy as I had trained Ace.

Deuce the Lab puppy - lab puppy picture at 10 months old

Deuce (at 10 months old and 60 pounds) proves that dogs really do bury bones…not just in cartoons!

When Deuce came home (from a high-kill shelter in Georgia) he was 10 weeks old and weighed 4.8 pounds. We called him the Teacup Labrador. He was the smallest puppy in the litter, probably because he had several parasites hitching rides in his coat and his belly. With lots of TLC, several visits to the vet, and consistent, loving training he’s become a cherished member of the family. Fortunately he had Ace, who was always polite and well mannered, to teach him the ropes.

Deucey is almost 1 now and he’s a 65-pound handful. He eats Freshpet puppy food — and shoes. He gets into trouble in two shakes of a puppy’s tail. This week’s casualties include one pair of my sandals, numerous rope dog toys (his favorite to shred) and several action figures, toy train cars and stuffed animals. Hopefully, Deuce will chill out enough to pass his therapy-dog evaluation in a year or so. (Or two years. Or nine. Fingers crossed.)

Deuce loves to come to work with me at Freshpet. He has his own bed and dozens of refrigerators filled with healthy, fresh dog food. It’s doggie Nirvana! Now I just have to teach him not to mount the CEO’s leg.

I must say he’s smart as a whip and he picks up tricks and commands immediately. He’s strong as an ox and likes to prove it on our walks, but we’re working on that every day. He has mastered the sit, stay, wait, down and leave-it commands and he sleeps through the night and rings a bell to go out. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

He’s a cute little bugger, don’t you think?

Our New Freshpet Blog Has Puppy Breath

Sweet Deuce the Lab Mix Puppy Picture

Sweet Deuce when we adopted him at 10 weeks old

Ohhh! It’s so cute! May I pet it?

Sure. It is cute, but it still pees on the floor and it just chewed up my new black sandals. That’s kind of how we feel about our new website and the brand-new blog that came with it. We’re working the kinks out but we are so excited to have a place to share our pets, our laughs and our rants with people who are as obsessed with their dogs and cats as we are.

I’d like to introduce myself, too. I’m Kristen and my dog, Deuce and I work at Freshpet. We have an incredible network of dog lovers, cat people, vets, trainers, rescuers and pet-product folks who will all pop by to add their perspectives to our little conversation. If you know someone we should know, shoot us an email.

We want to warn you…we might get a little “fresh” around here. I tend to get fired up about pet issues and I tell it like it is. Deuce is a member of my family and I’m one of those gals who meets the dogs at the party before I meet the people. If you think pet hair on your clothes just shows people that you’re loved, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s exciting, isn’t it? Try not to piddle on the floor, but if you do, it’s OK. We always have lots of paper towels on hand.