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Make Your Own Puppy Bowl Party

At Freshpet, we’d like to think that the first best thing about the Super Bowl is the Puppy Bowl. That’s why at our headquarters we decided to make some fun, healthy, and easy pre-game appetizers for your dog.


Shredded Chicken & Beet Bites



What you’ll need:


Our newest addition, Fresh from the Kitchen – Home Cooked Chicken Recipe is a flavorful yet healthy meal – making it a great addition for your pet’s pre-game. To make these bites, slice up naturally sweet beets to be the base. Then spread greek yogurt over the top. The yogurt will help to make the other ingredients “stick” and is healthy too! Next sprinkle shreds of chicken, carrots, and cranberries from Fresh From the Kitchen on top. Feel free to add extra cranberries.




Health Tip: Beets are packed with iron, potassium, fiber, beta-carotene and vitamins A through C. Which means, they’re great for both humans and pups! But they also promote great liver health as they have cleansing and detoxifying qualities.



Meat Lovers Sliders



What you’ll need:


For all the meat loving pups out there, we made a slider entirely out of meat. Yes you heard us right.




Use our Dog Joy Sausage Slices for the “bread.” Then layer in thin slices of our Freshpet Select Tender Chicken recipe. You can use any favorite Freshpet roll, but we recommend grabbing it in a 1 LB size, as it’s perfect for these bite-sized treats. Then sprinkle in shredded pieces of Fresh From the Kitchen. It’s a mouthful that will keep your dog content during the game.


Bacon Wrapped Baby Carrots



What you’ll need:




We’re taking a fresh take on, well … anything wrapped in bacon! Our office pets love the crunch of carrots, so we thought we’d take it to the next level and wrap them in our Turkey Bacon treats. To make the bacon treat stick to the baby carrots, use peanut butter. Simply spread peanut along the length of the bacon, then wrap.



Want more recipe ideas for the big game? We partnered with Barkpost for some exclusive appetizers:




And if you plan on taking our recipes out for a spin, be sure to take this shopping list with you:




Want to Brunch With Your Pet? Here’s How

Did you know that August is National Brunch Month? We think it’s a great excuse to brunch with your fur-babies (not that we need an excuse). So, we dug up our favorite pup and kitty-friendly pet food recipes to help you enjoy brunch together. Bon (or should we say, ‘Bone’) appetit!
Bow-wow Bacon and Eggs
A simple classic, bacon and eggs are a staple for any brunch. The good news is that they can be great for pups too!
All you need is Freshpet Dog Joy Turkey Bacon for Dogs, two eggs and a bit of cheese. Eggs are a great source of digestible protein for your pup as long as they are fully cooked. We recommend hard-boiling the eggs to avoid the chemicals and fats in cooking spray or butter. Cut the eggs into small chunks, add a bit of shredded cheese and scoop onto strips of baked Dog Joy Turkey Bacon, made from real turkey. Baked, you ask? Freshpet parent Marleen recommends baking them for that crunchy bacon feel.
And voila, a healthy and wholesome brunch treat for your pup!
Bonus: Did you know the egg shells can be good for your pup? They’re a great source of calcium and protein for dogs. Crush them up in a food processor and sprinkle over the eggs prior to serving for an extra healthy boost.
Savory Sliders
For the fur-kid who prefers lunch to breakfast fare, sliders are a delicious option!
Putting a twist on Rachel Ray’s recipe for dogs, we swapped lamb for Freshpet Select Chunky Beef Slice and Serve. This recipe calls for adding a bit more rice than what Freshpet rolls already contain, but don’t worry, the brown rice is high in protein and low in fat compared to other kinds of rice. The plain yogurt is an excellent calcium and protein kick for dogs. We left out adding additional salt as the Slice and Serve already contains a small amount. Pups will eat these in seconds!
Egg-celent Roasted Meals 
When we featured this Freshpet parent’s recipe back in March, it was a big hit with pups and kitties alike.
Make tails wag even more with this hearty, healthy brunch recipe. Scramble two eggs and combine with Freshpet Select Roasted Meals and a bit of cheese in a skillet. The eggs add an extra dose of protein; be sure to include the yolks, as they are rich in biotin which is great for a healthy coat. Along with the tasty, complete and balanced Roasted Meals, your furball should be in bliss!
Doggy Delight
Want to treat your pup to a brunch dessert?
Whip up this recipe in minutes. Simply pop the Freshpet Dog Joy Ready to Bake Cookies for Dogs into the oven and when done, drop a spoonful of Freshpet Wag-gurt Blueberry and Vanilla Frozen Yogurt on top for a tasty, safe treat for your pup!
As always, we recommend to check with your veterinarian before making changes or additions like these to your fur-kids’ diets. Many pups and kitties have dietary restrictions due to age, medical condition, etc. that may prohibit some of the recipes above. It is important to note that these recipes are not meant to replace your pet’s regular diet, but rather can be used occasionally for a nice substitute.
Do you have any other special recipes for your furballs? Share them in the comments!