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Have You Spotted the Freshpet Food Truck?

Deuce and the Freshpet Food Truck Picture - Picture of the Freshpet Food Truck

Deuce drove the Freshpet food truck. Not too fast or the dogs on top will start whining!

Anyone who’s ever watched a food show on TV can tell you that food trucks are a very hot trend right now. The Freshpet Food Truck has tongues (and tails) wagging all over New York City. It’s the first food truck for dogs! It travels all over and introduces Freshpet fresh dog food to New York’s best friends.

We go to adoption events and help out local shelters with food donations, too. We know those adoptable dogs have been through a lot, so giving them some fresh, healthy dog food is the least we can do!

The truck has a counter that invites big dogs to “paw up to the bar,” a doggie door for smaller dogs and schoolbus-style signs that pop out and invite dogs to “paws” for a minute.

The pack of dogs on top looks so real that people on the sidewalk stop and stare. Drivers honk and wave while tourists take pictures.

The Freshpet Food Truck has its own Twitter account (@FreshpetTruck) so New Yorkers can find it on its appointed rounds. Sometimes Deuce even makes an appearance! Follow us and come out and introduce yourself while your dog tries fresh dog food. We’d love to meet you.

Do you want the Freshpet Food Truck to come to your event? Drop us an email at online@Freshpet.com.