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New Freshpet Select Cat Cups!

We’ve heard from cat parents like you that your cats have been begging for more variety and flavors! So we began crafting brand new recipes just for cats in our Freshpet Kitchens. First we introduced paté-style cat rolls, and now we’re happy to announce our brand new Cat Cups!


Our new Freshpet Select Cat Cups in gravy are available in three different flavors each made using fresh poultry, beef or fish accented with garden vegetables, such as spinach, carrots and pumpkin, in a classic gravy cats love! Available in convenient 4.5 oz. resealable cups which are great for multiple servings or multi-cat households.


Photo courtesy of GloGirly.com(Photos courtesy of glogirly.com)


The recipes:


Freshpet Select Chicken & Pumpkin Recipe
with Garden Vegetables in Gravy



Freshpet Select Chicken & Ocean Whitefish Recipe
with Garden Vegetables in Gravy



Freshpet Select Tender Chicken & Beef Recipe
with Garden Vegetables in Gravy



How To Prep Your Pet’s Meals For The Week Ahead

We know many parents like to plan ahead for the week’s meals to save on precious time, and we couldn’t help but think it could also be the perfect time to prep for your pet’s meals too! Here’s how you can get everything ready at the start of the week to have carefree mealtimes every morning and night.



Meal prep time.

Pre-cut or pre-scoop your cat or dog’s mealtime servings and use resealable bags or containers to hold the portions aside. This will help cut on time spent slicing and dicing in the kitchen and give you more time to spend with the family!



Include some variety! 

Variety is the spice of life and just like humans, our pets would much rather have something tasty and different to eat. Try a different protein sources such as Turkey or Beef, or grain-free options.




Also consider mixing up different forms. Change things up by periodically switching from our slice and serve rolls, roasted meals (which are bite-sized “nuggets”), or our Fresh From the Kitchen recipe, which include shredded chicken bites. You can also consider mixing our refrigerated foods with our Fresh Baked recipes – learn more how to do that here.


Plan for easy meal routine. 

Schedule for breakfast and dinner and have your pet eat with you around the same time each day to establish their routine. Make sure to read the recommended serving size for the day on the label and split it in half if you will be feeding them twice a day.


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New Recipe: Fresh From the Kitchen

We are really excited to introduce our latest innovation in fresh, all-natural food for pets: new Freshpet® Select Fresh from the Kitchen™, a ready to serve meal for your dog.


What makes Fresh from the Kitchen so different is that it’s the first of its kind to offer a unique texture of shredded chicken. Reminiscent of home cooking for your family, Fresh from the Kitchen is just like shreds pulled from a freshly roasted chicken. And like all other Freshpet food, Fresh from the Kitchen is a meat based recipe, high in fresh animal proteins, with no artificial preservatives or fillers like corn, wheat or soy. Fresh from the Kitchen is also the first Freshpet Select recipe for dog food to include antioxidant-rich cranberries, along with garden vegetables including carrots and spinach. These super foods, plus the additional vitamins and minerals in our recipe, provide the extra nutritional boost that every pet parent will love.


Most pet parents would agree that feeding their dogs yummy, gourmet food that is more like their own food, is a great way to express their care for their beloved pet.   It is in this spirt of a heartfelt, homemade meal, that we have crafted this unique dog food recipe.  Just as we carefully prepare our meals at home, our Freshpet Kitchen in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania prepares each recipe in small batches and immediately refrigerates the meals to preserve key nutrients. That is exactly why we called this recipe ‘Fresh from the Kitchen.’ Our pet parents agree that this recipe emulates a homemade pet food recipe they would make themselves, if they had the nutritional know how and time.
You can find new Freshpet® Select Fresh from the Kitchen™ in select Target, Walmart locations and your local grocery store.

6 Reasons to Feed Your Family Fresh

The philosophy is so simple: fresh, real food is better for our families and ourselves. The power of fresh food has so many positive effects it’s hard to count them all. This week, our friend Dr. Katy gives us her 5 reasons why fresh is best for the whole family. Take it away, Dr. Katy!

Fresh food tastes better!

My dogs Papi and Eddie have always been great eaters, but I had never seen them be so excited for food as when they began to eat Freshpet Select Chicken and Vegetable rolls. The meals are made with ingredients that come from balanced, local sources, making for especially well-nourished and especially tasty ingredients. I know that I enjoy a meal of fresh ingredients much more than something from the shelf, and Papi and Eddie would agree!

It keeps us looking and feeling great

Foods like vegetables and fruits are rich with vitamins and antioxidants that make are wonderful for my family’s us feel like a million bucks every day. And, as we all know, the better we look, the better we feel. Fresh proteins and more fatty acids help promote smooth skin, help with muscle tone and it just makes us feel fantastic.

It energizes us!

One of the biggest differences that I notice when eating fresh food is how I feel after finishing a fresh meal. The food is highly digestible and nutrient dense, so my body easily turns the food into energy for me. And the same definitely goes for my kids and dogs. They’ve got levels of energy that they haven’t had since they were puppies. As far as Fresh Starts go, feeding them fresh food has been a huge difference.


We feel healthy all the time

There’s no such thing as a cure-all for sickness. But I believe that since making the commitment to feeding my whole family fresh food, we’ve all had less sickness and allergies to deal with. The ingredients in fresh food are jam-packed with nutrients that are healthy and strengthen our bodies to fight off illnesses and allergens. Feeding fresh food and keeping my family healthy is a choice I will make 100% of the time.

I feel good about what I’m feeding my family

There’s a great feeling that I get when I know that I’m nourishing my household with the best food available for them. It means that I’m taking good care of them by giving them meals that are tasty and will keep them healthy for a long time. I’m happy as long as my family is happy and healthy!

Eating and feeding fresh has made all the difference in my family and countless others. And the best part is that it’s never too late for you to start! Visit the Fresh Start site to begin giving your pets fresh, natural food that they’ll absolutely love.

Freshpet’s Newest “Intern”

All of us that work at Freshpet are pet lovers of the highest order; it’s almost a requirement in order to be employed here! So when one of us gets the chance to take care of a pup or kitty, even for a little while, we immediately volunteer. And that’s exactly what our Social Media Manager Zack did this past week.


Jackson is a little terrier mix adopted from the North Shore Animal League in Long Island, New York. When he was first adopted, Jackson was a bit skittish and territorial. But he’s become quite the little social pup since his adoption a year ago. But nowadays he spends his time living in Brooklyn with his mom. This past week, she was headed off to Hawaii on vacation and asked Zack to take Jackson for 10 days. As a dutiful godfather to Jackson, he immediately said yes.


For the next couple of days Jackson stayed in an East Village apartment, where he waited patiently for Zack to come home every evening. But a small apartment is no place for a puppy to spend all his time, so Zack decided to bring Jackson to the Freshpet offices with him as an unofficial “intern” of the digital marketing team. The whole office welcomed him with open arms, with everyone coming over to meet the newest member of the extended Freshpet family.


Jackson spent his two days at the office running around, exploring, and (of course) eating a lot of delicious Freshpet recipes! Though he is generally a finicky eater, he couldn’t get enough of our Freshpet Select Chicken, Vegetable and Rice recipes and loved chewing on our Dog Joy Turkey Bacon treats throughout the day. Needless to say, he was sent home to his mom with a goodie bag from his new friends at Freshpet. We can’t wait until the next time he visits!


If you know of a pet or family member who deserves a Tail of Good, we want to hear from you! Email us at online@freshpet.com, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.












Fresh and Happy Dogs – Gus Kenworthy and the Sochi Pups are Feeding Fresh

The Sochi pups are well on their way to a Fresh Start. Gus has been keeping us diligently updated on their progress, and we’re seeing some happy, healthy dogs that are looking better and better.  But don’t take our word for it, here’s the latest update from Gus:


“It’s already been a few weeks since we started feeding Freshpet’s recipes to the dogs. They absolutely love the food. It’s getting to the point where I’m followed to the fridge every time I go to the kitchen. They know where I keep the good stuff!


They’re fans of everything that I have fed them, but they are really into the Freshpet Select Chicken Vegetable and Rice recipe. A full meal lasts about 3 seconds before the dogs lick the plate clean. They were already great at eating, but I’ve never seen them actually enjoy their food like this.


And talk about their energy levels! Mama, Jake and Mishka have never been more vibrant. Playtime, walks and runs are their favorite thing in the world. They love to be outside more than anything and I can really see how happy it makes them. And they are looking great on the outside as well. They were already good looking dogs, but their coats are shinier than ever and their eyes are nice and clean.


It’s been a real pleasure to be able to give these special dogs what they deserve. It’s crazy to think that just a few months ago they were living a much different life. But I’m proud that we’ve been able change their lives for the better. “


Don’t forget to give your pet the Fresh Start they deserve, too! Get started here. With each participant in the program, we’ll make a $1 donation to the Humane Society International to help more pups like Mama, Mishka and Jake.

A Surprise for Rico

As any pet parent will tell you, all dogs are heart-filled, courageous and completely remarkable. But sometimes, there are dogs that go above and beyond. This week, we had the absolute privilege to meet with K-9 Patrolman Brandon Miller and his Belgian Malinois Rico.


The two work at Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA where they serve and protect all the students and faculty in the region. Rico is the region’s first and only explosive/firearm detection dog, so the two have an extremely important job to do every day.


Last month, Brandon wrote to us telling us all about his wonderful partner and his love for Freshpet recipes. “He’s a very finicky eater and refuses to eat any dry food. We tried everything, and the only food he’ll eat is Freshpet,” he said. His favorite is, by far, the Freshpet Select Chicken Vegetable with Brown Rice recipe, eating it for breakfast AND dinner.


We wanted to say thank you to the two for their service in a special way. We surprised Miller and Rico with over a dozen cases of our food. That means plenty of food for Rico who sticks to a strict daily regimen of 1.5 mile runs, 45 minute fetch sessions and, of course, their daily shift from 3-11pm. We couldn’t be happier that Rico loves our recipes!


If you know of a pet or family member who deserves an Tail of Good, we want to hear from you! Email us at online@freshpet.com, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.


Teaching a Senior Pet Some Fresh Tricks

Forget the idea that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. As parents, it’s up to us to do the best for our pets by taking care of them and providing them with everything they need. That especially includes feeding them fresh, nutritious food that will keep them healthy. No matter how old your dog or cat is, it’s never too late to get him on a diet that will help them live longer and happier. Our good friend Dr. Katy has given us a few guidelines to remember when giving your pup or kitty the Fresh Start he deserves.


The first thing to always remember is that there is no “one size fits all” diet. Pets, like humans, have different dietary requirements as they age. An older dog, for example, doesn’t have as many energy requirements a young, active dog. That means they shouldn’t consume the same amount of food as one. Every pet’s needs are different, depending on his breed, weight, age, and other factors. But every pet’s diet should contain the appropriate nutrients and amino acids that dogs and cats require to maintain healthy coats, immune systems and muscles. This means feeding a well-balanced, fresh diet like Freshpet Select Slice & Serve Chicken Recipe for dogs, for meals that contain protein-rich chicken, vitamin-rich vegetables and high fiber brown rice. For Cats, I recommend Freshpet Select Roasted Meals for Cats Chicken Recipe, made with bits of fresh chicken, real ocean whitefish, accented with carrots and spinach for a meal that your cat will love.


If you’re planning on changing your pet’s diet, slow and steady is the key. Aim for a 7-10 day transition in which you slowly add more and more of the new diet and less and less of the old diet until your pet is completely switched over. By doing this, you should be able to avoid any gastrointestinal upset that would be expected with an abrupt change. As always, consult with your vet about the type of food and how much you should be feeding your pet.


After you start feeding your pet fresh, expect to see a great change in him. Increased energy, improved weight and a soft, shiny coat are just a few ways that you’ll see your pet improve. You may even notice that he’s generally happier! Use our own Fresh Start score card to start keeping track of all these wonderful changes that you’ll see in your pet.


Don’t forget that your pet also needs exercise, even in his older years. Inactivity can lead to weight gain and added stress on his joints. It’s also important that you consider how much activity he can actually take. Short, easy walks are always recommended for dogs. If you have stairs, try having your pet climb up and down them with toys and treats. If you’re lucky enough to have a dog that likes to swim and access to a body of water, swimming is great for your dog’s muscles while easy on his joints. Every little bit of exercise helps, and your pet will be happy to have the playtime with you!


Older pets are an absolute joy to have as a part of your family. If you are lucky enough to be the parent of one, always remember that no matter how senior he is, there’s always something you can do to give him a Fresh Start.

How To Guide: Feeding & Storing Freshpet

One of the great things about Freshpet recipes is that they’re all-natural meals that are easy prepare and serve, taking the hassle out of cooking for your dog or cat.


Just reach into the fridge, grab your Freshpet roll, resealable meal or stew and dish it out to your pet within minutes. But while it’s easy to do this, we know pet parents out there have adopted many different styles and techniques for serving these delicious meals!


With Freshpet being such a different kind of food for your four-legged family members, we get loads of questions on the best ways to feed and store our recipes. Over the years, we’ve found a few methods we love, all of which we’ll share with you below! For those Freshpet pro’s out there, this may not be any new news. But for new Freshpet parents, hopefully this helps make feeding Freshpet to your pet even easier.



Serving Freshpet’s Slice and Serve Rolls:


Pets everywhere love their Freshpet Slice and Serve rolls! Made with real, 100% farm raised meats and fresh veggies, it’s a crowd favorite. There’s a really easy way to cut the rolls that we like to think we’ve perfected over the years.


Start by poking a hole in the top of the Slice and Serve roll, which in this case is our Freshpet Select Tender Chicken roll. This helps to make it easier to begin slicing. Using the hashmarks on the Freshpet roll packaging, slice off the appropriate amount for your pup based on the recipe’s Feeding Guidelines. Once you’ve got the correct number of slices for your pup’s meal, cut into small chunks, drop into the bowl and voila – ready to serve. Also consider that our rolls are fully “customizable,” meaning you can slice, dice or mash it to your pet’s desired size (great for making tiny bite-sizes for smaller breeds). You can also mix it with other foods too if you’d like!






Storing Freshpet’s Slice and Serve Rolls:


There are a few different ways to store our Slice and Serve rolls that we typically recommend to pet parents. Each is easy to do and safe to store, so it’s really more a matter of preference. Our preferred method for serving pup’s their favorite Freshpet roll is to pre-cut all of the slices and store in a Ziploc bag.



Another great way to store our Slice and Serve rolls is to cap or seal the open end of the roll after a meal. In this case, we used some plastic wrap to keep the air out and to preserve freshness. After serving a meal to your pup, simply cut off a piece of plastic wrap, stretch over the open end and tie with a rubber band. There’s no need to then place it in a Ziploc bag (although you definitely can!) as it should be safe in the fridge as long as you’ve sealed it tightly.



Serving and Storing Freshpet’s Meals for Dogs & Cats:





Whether it’s your kitty’s favorite Freshpet Select Roasted Meals, your pup’s Vital Complete Meals, or one of our Nature’s Fresh Whole Meals, serving this to your fur-kid at mealtime is a synch!   Using a dry measuring cup, pour the appropriate amount of our meals for your pet. This may take a few different cups full of morsels, but pour according  to the Feeding Guidelines that you can find on our packaging. After you’ve said “bon appetit” to your pet simply re-seal the bag, place back in the fridge and you’re all set until the next mealtime!


Some things to keep in mind…

  • Be sure to use our food within 7 days of opening.
  • Always return it back to the refrigerator after mealtime.
  • Never let Freshpet food sit out in your pet’s bowl after mealtime is over.
  • Any uneaten food should be thrown out and not returned to the bag as it can potentially spoil the rest of the fresh food.
  • Feel free to freeze any food you feel your pet cannot finish within 7 days. Just keep in mind color and texture can vary after freezing, but it’ll be safe and healthy to feed!


Do you have a way of serving or storing your pet’s favorite Freshpet recipe that we didn’t list above? Tell us in the comments below.