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Lille Punkin’ Takes on the Fridge Challenge

Featured: With Fridge Broken, Lille Punkin’s Challenge Was All Too Real



The following is part of a series of content in partnership with Freshpet! Opinions are my own. Awhile back, we told you about our dead fridge and how we were going to be taking a week with no cold food.  Well, that week turned into a week and a half. I was not happy.

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Three Days Into Dr. Katy’s Challenge, Things Are Getting Tougher


Today was a VERY LONG DAY. I had to work at the animal hospital until late today, so I sent my husband and kiddos out to eat for dinner tonight. Ordinarily, I would have cooked something earlier in the day and put it in the refrigerator for them to have for dinner, but that option was off the table, so to speak. Not exactly the money that we wanted to spend eating out, but not much of a choice.

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With Help From a Dog Rescue and Freshpet, Stray Pup Harry Makes A Comeback

We all love a great comeback story, and that’s exactly what we’ve found in Harry, a Basset Hound.


Last week, Suzanne F. of the Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue shared a story with us about Harry, a stray whose days appeared to be numbered. The Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue works tirelessly to take in Hounds without homes, to provide veterinary care and to set up adoptions for these deserving fur-kids.


For years now, we’ve worked with the Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue to donate Freshpet foods and treats. We love hearing stories about the pups our donations have helped, and Harry’s story is truly one to remember.


Harry when he first came to the Rescue


Harry the Basset Hound arrived at the Dog Rescue in mid-June of this year, after he was found as a stray in Stroudsburg, PA. He had been neutered and was comfortable indoors, so it seemed to Suzanne that Harry had been abandoned. “His coat was a total wreck,” say Harry’s foster parents, Rich and Ginger, who quickly brought him on a visit to the veterinarian. With a laundry list of health issues, such as Lyme’s Disease, a skin infection, ingrown dew claws, stomach lumps and general emaciation, Harry’s prognosis was not positive.


After some initial tender, love and care, Harry put on enough weight to receive anesthesia needed to remove the benign tumors on his stomach and have nine decayed teeth removed. Still, the vet was concerned that vaccines, in Harry’s physical state, “could put him over the edge.” With limited mobility and lingering health issues, Harry was a long shot for a heart-warming recovery story.


But that’s just what happened.


Upon their third visit to the veterinarian in three months, Harry began to turn the corner. The veterinarian was astonished about the progress that Harry had made. “Key to his recovery was vastly improved nutrition, including Freshpet Select Slice and Serve rolls and frozen Meatball Mix-Ins,” says Rich. However, Harry’s absolute favorites are the Dog Joy treats. Harry now picks up his pace for his Dog Joy treats, mobility improvement previously unimaginable when he arrived at the rescue. According to Ginger, “It is obvious that with his improved health and yummy food, Harry thinks he is living large.”


Harry in his new foster home!


In just three months, Harry, in desperate need of a warm family and proper nutrition, is now living the healthy, happy life he deserves. Thanks to his foster parents Rich and Ginger, Harry now has a loving foster home and plenty of donated Freshpet foods and treats to keep his tail wagging.


Thank you Suzanne, Rich and Ginger for taking Harry under your wing and for sharing this beautiful story!


We love to hear how the fresh, nutritious ingredients found in Freshpet recipes have helped pets get back to their healthy selves. Got a Freshpet story to share or a favorite recipe? We’d love to hear from you! Please submit your review and story here: http://bit.ly/18uONZP

Dr. Katy On Day Two of Life Without the Fridge


Today was a better day in the Freshpet Fridge Challenge!  By spending a little time in the grocery store today, I was able to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables that don’t require refrigeration, and I got some great fresh meats and veggies for dinner. While going to the grocery store can be great, having to do this everyday without a fridge would be less than ideal!

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Dr. Katy Nelson Kicks Off the Freshpet Fridge Challenge


As you may have heard already, Freshpet has created the Freshpet Fridge Challenge to raise awareness about the importance of fresh foods from the fridge, for both people and pets. As part of the Challenge, several pet bloggers and I will attempt to live without our refrigerators for seven days, documenting our experiences along the way.

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Fresh Tips for Keeping Your Pet Fit With Dr. Katy Nelson

Just like it’s important for our health and wellness to stay in shape, our dogs and cats can benefit from regular exercise, too. Of course it can be hard to find time to exercise in our busy schedules, let alone do so alongside our pets. Not to mention doing the same exercises over and over can get pretty boring.


So to help both you and your pet get in great shape with a fresh routine, here’s a list of my favorite ways to get moving:


Go for a Run – Instead of going to the gym to run on the treadmill, change things up and bring your fur-friend along! Most local tracks do not allow pets; so take the time to explore different options such as paths through the woods or roads with sidewalks. Not only will you get a chance to take in the fresh air, but you also get to spend more time with your favorite companion.


Go For a Hike – Hiking in a hilly area is a great way to change things up as it works different muscles than walking on a flat surface. The best part? You get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, soak in the sunshine, and take in some fresh air with you favorite friend! Just be sure to bring along plenty of water for both of you to stay hydrated.


Take your pup for a hike on a beautiful day like this! (Photo courtesy of Towle N.)

Take your pup for a hike on a beautiful day like this! (Photo courtesy of Towle N.)


Take a Morning Walk – Instead of waiting until after work to exercise, try taking a walk in the morning with your fur-kid. If you’re not a morning person, allow some of your pet’s natural energy to rub off on you and keep you motivated throughout the rest of the day.


Go For a Bike Ride – We know you’re thinking that your pals cannot pedal, but they don’t need to as long as you can! Get on a bike and go for a slow ride and bring your pooch along. While you do the biking, he or she can run alongside you. We’ve found that one of the easiest ways to do this is by hooking the leash around your wrist so you can still use both hands to control the bike. If you’re an expert roller skater or skateboarder, try this with your pal, too!


Doga – Dog yoga, or “doga,” can help de-stress you and your pup. This practice incorporates massaging, stretching, relaxing, and of course, some good bonding. You can even try “catoga” if your feline is willing. Ask around in your area because there might be group classes offered.


Fetch Races – Does your fur-friend love to play fetch? Well you should too! Instead of standing still while he or she chases the ball, try to make it a race. Not only will your pup enjoy this game even more, the short sprints will help you burn more fat and improve your agility.


Abs with Fur-Friends – Ever thrown a ball back and forth with a friend while doing crunches? Instead of a medicine ball, try a tennis ball. Throw the ball at the top of your crunch for your pup to chase down and return to you. Then repeat. For a more advanced exercise, see how many crunches you can do while your pup is chasing the ball. Cats can get in on the fun as well. Instead of throwing a ball, hold a small flashlight in one or both hands while you perform your sit-ups. Each time you reach the top, shine the lights on the wall in front of you and move your arms back and forth, always keeping your abs flexed. Your kitty will get exercise chasing the lights while you work on your six-pack.


Lift Weights – Tie your playful friend’s favorite toy so that it hangs from your dumbbell. As you move the dumbbell up and down, your pet will jump, working his or her leg muscles while you tone your arms. Try it while doing different exercises like bicep curls and shoulder presses, and for a full body workout, incorporate squats or lunges.


Play Tug-of-War – If your pup is feeling playful, grab a rope and work on your arm definition with a gentle game of tug-of-war. You can either attach the rope to their harness so they can pull with their body and run, or let them grab the rope with their teeth. Be careful not to pull too hard. Remember to always have control over your dog as playing this game may bring out the predator in him.


Swimming – Take your pal for a swim! While you do your daily laps in the pool, let your dog join you. If your pup isn’t the best swimmer, you can purchase floatation devices made especially for dogs from most pet stores to ensure their safety.


I hope you and your pets enjoy trying these exercises and activities! Don’t forget to speak with your doctor and your pet’s vet before starting any new exercise programs.


For more information about Dr. Katy or for additional tips on keeping your fur-kid healthy, be sure to check out her website or follow her on Facebook and Twitter!


Savor The End of Summer With Yappy Hours

With the long summer days coming to a close, we all want to find ways to enjoy the outdoors with our friends and fur-kids. But finding time after work to do so, especially when we want to go home and spend time with our furbabies, can be difficult.

Yappy Hours, a growing pet craze, might just be your answer!

We’ve gathered everything you need to know about Yappy Hours, including what they are, how to join or host one and why yours could be the best yet. 


What Is A Yappy Hour?

A Yappy Hour is a get-together, after work, between pet parents and their pups. Think happy hour, but where pups can roam free and socialize with fur-friends and parents alike.


Why Should I Attend A Yappy Hour:

Happy hours and other post-work get-togethers can be very enjoyable, but often, other obligations have us rushing home. Our pups need to be let out, fed or could use some love after we’ve been away all day.

Yappy Hours are the perfect solution for pet parents who want to give themselves, and their pups, a bit of fun after a day of work or errands. These informal events are great for pet parents to socialize and meet other like-minded pup lovers, while pooches meet new playmates or get more accustomed to social settings. The best part? Getting to spend time relaxing together!


How Can My Pup and I Join A Yappy Hour?

Yappy Hours are becoming more and more popular, and many bars and hotels are now hosting them for pups and their parents. However, it’s still a relatively new concept. For a great list of many of the Yappy Hours hosted around the country. Additionally, websites like Meetup.com advertise Yappy Hours that others may be hosting, but are open to the public. Finally, don’t forget to check local message boards or papers in your community. Your favorite local dog park or pet store is a great place to start.

If there isn’t a Yappy Hour near you already, try hosting your own with friends and their pooches. Our tips will help you hold the first of what may become a trend in your neighborhood!


Hosting Your Own Yappy Hour:

Your own backyard, patio, or living space can be a great place for hosting a Yappy Hour! Or, even look to your local park for a nice change of scenery. Just be sure to check the rules about hosting parties or gatherings if you choose a public place.

Spreading the word effectively to fellow pet parents and their pups is key to a good Yappy Hour. While sending regular emails can do the trick, using websites like Paperless Post can make it easy to design and send invitations electronically while tracking who has RSVP’d. A simple search for dogs in Paperless Post returned the following two cute invitation templates!


If you’re the artsy type, Etsy can be a great source for inspiration. Otherwise, you can always set up a Facebook event, where you can send updates (or pupdates!) to your guests or even ask them to share photos.

Hungry? Yappetizers are key for both parents and pups. For a fun twist, try serving chips and salsa in clean dog bowls for human guests. Looking for yummy, healthy Yappetizers for your puppy clan? Try Freshpet Dog Joy Turkey Bacon for Dogs, Chicken Treats or Sweet Potato Treats to really get those tails wagging – just don’t forget the cooler!

Be sure that all pups are up to date on their shots and have friendly, agreeable personalities when around other dogs. This is a time to relax and enjoy, after all!

Lastly, we recommend collecting a small donation at the door, perhaps $5-10, to be donated to the local animal shelter. Not all pups get to enjoy Yappy Hours, but they all deserve a portion of love.


Want To Spice Up Your Yappy Hour?

There’s nothing like great music to really bring the fun to a party. So here are some suggestions to keep you grooving and your pups moving. We call it the Pupper’s Playlist:

  • Hey Bulldog by The Beatles
  • Hound Dog by Elvis Presley
  • Who Let The Dogs Out by the Baha Men
  • Low Down Dog by Big Joe Turner
  • Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine
  • Walkin’ the Dog by Aerosmith

Finally, be sure to have a camera on hand to document your Yappy Hour!

Hosted or attended a Yappy Hour before? Have a Yappy Hour idea of your own? We’d love to hear your feedback or see your pictures – as always, you can reach us at online@freshpet.com.

We hope you and your pups have a wonderful time exploring the world of Yappy Hours!