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A Closer Look At The Freshpet Team

Day to day operations at Freshpet range from making sure our foods are of the highest quality, to answering your questions on Facebook, to sending out refrigerators to various grocery and pet specialty stores. But even though all of us at the office have different roles, titles, and responsibilities, we all have one thing in common: our core belief that pets deserve to eat fresh, less processed foods, just like we do.

We have profiled several Freshpet team members already, but over the course of the next couple of months we will continue to introduce others. We want you to get a chance to know who is making your furry friend’s fresh meals and treats!

Learn More about Freshpet

If you haven’t yet, be sure to visit our About Us section to learn a little more about our mission and who we are. Also, feel free to send us a note, review, or just some general feedback on our foods by visiting our Contact Us section of our website. We are always open to new ideas and love hearing from our consumers.

This picture was taken during a Freshpet Team Meeting in Secaucus, NJ.

How Do You Keep Your Professional Puppy Busy?

Deuce the Freshpet Office Dog in the Freshpet Office

Deuce watched the Freshpet Food truck pull up outside the conference room.

Deuce loves to go to the Freshpet office with me, but he’s still a high-energy puppy. He loves Freshpet’s new Fresh Bones, Sweet Potato Treats and Fresh Chews but neither of us can just snack all day. (By the way, the two-legged Freshpet employees always have a selection of healthy snacks in the kitchen, too! I’m partial to grapes and watermelon, myself!)

Having Deuce in the office is healthy for me, too. Not only does his presence make me happy, but he requires a break every so often. Remember when only smokers got a chance to go outside in the middle of the day? Dog-friendly companies’ workers get to take a little walk, clear their heads and let puppers do their business, too!

He’s a power chewer who loves to shred rope bones, shoes and everything else he can sink his teeth into, so I keep a supply of toys at the office.

What do you do to keep your busy pup content while you’re at work?