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Meet Our Patriotic Pets: Muneca

Last month, we introduced Freshpet TV celebrity Beacon, the Boston Terrier. He was a rambunctious pup with a huge heart and was a blast to have on set.

But lovable pets come in all different shapes and sizes. That being said, we couldn’t wait to introduce the beautiful Muneca, an elegant Weimaraner with gorgeous blue eyes. Let’s just say she turned heads when filming!


Mom’s Name: Alexandra

Trainer’s Name: Kevin and Alexandra

Breed: Weimaraner

Age: 3

Where She Lives: Linden, NJ








How did you end up in Alexandra’s family? Well, I’m actually from Bogota, Colombia originally – muy bueno! My name, Muneca, is Spanish for “doll.” My Mom said she named me that because she thinks I’m pretty! Alexandra and Kevin adopted me when I was a puppy and brought me back to the States. It’s been amazing being part of such a loving family.

What Kind of Pup Were You? I think we all realized early on that I had Weimaraner hunting instincts. When Mom brought me to the lake for the first time, I was terrified to go in the water. I’d never swam before and it looked so scary. I wouldn’t even go fetch my favorite ball in that lake. But then I spotted some geese and when they fled to the water, I dove right in after them. I’ve been chasing balls into the water ever since!

Where Do You Sleep At Home? Lucky for me, I have two beds. Things are pretty comfortable at home. One bed is upstairs and the other downstairs. On chilly nights, Mom even gives me a blanket to snuggle under. Girl’s got to have her beauty sleep, right?

You Were Pretty Comfortable In Front of the Camera. Have You Done This Before? Don’t make me blush! I have done this a few times actually. Mom helped me get a part in a Mercedes-Benz commercial. I’ve also been featured on Gilt.com and worked with Nordstrom. But this Freshpet commercial was my favorite because I love their food, it’s the best! Plus I can’t drive a car so Mercedes was different :)

What’s A Typical Day Like? I wake up early and fly down the stairs to chow down on my Freshpet. After I’ve stuffed myself, a quick nap ties me over until the rest of the family is awake. Mom takes me for a morning walk and then we play Frisbee – I love the Frisbee! It helps me stay in shape. While everyone is working, I wait by the door for them to get back and play with me. When they come home I wag my tail like you wouldn’t believe!



Want to see more commercials? Check out all of the Freshpet TV spots here!

United for Fresh Winners!

Hope you and your patriotic pets had a great Fourth!


We are so excited about the overwhelming number of entries, photos and comments we received from all of our Freshpet parents. We are proud to see so many pups and kitties unite for fresh meats and veggies farmed in the U.S.A. like those in Freshpet food and treats.


Before we announce the winners, we’ve got some great news. At the beginning of our United for Fresh contest we promised to donate a package of fresh pet food or treats to shelters and rescues in need. With so many creative red, white and blue entries, you’ve inspired us to give a bit more. We’re thrilled to share that we’ll be donating 1,000 packages of fresh food and treats as a thank you for all of your participation. Thanks to you and your furries, dogs and cats in need will also enjoy fresh, real food with ingredients farmed right here at home!


Now, to the winners…


Each of the four United for Fresh contest winners will receive a one year supply of Freshpet. You, the Freshpet community, voted on your favorite Facebook and website entries while the Freshpet team picked their two favorites as well.


Here they are – paws up for our Four Fathers of Fresh:


Here's Buster! Thanks for the picture, pet parent Michael.

Here’s Buster! Thanks for the picture, Michael.


We love this photo of Buster wearing his army outfit with pride as he salutes our troops abroad. We were blown away by all of the support that the pug community showed Michael and Buster, and we know he is too – way to go guys!


Pic 2


Watson is dressed to the nines, looking dapper in his blue bow tie and American flag cape – so photogenic. Watson, reporting for duty!


Arlene's Barking Brigade!

Arlene’s Barking Brigade!


We loved Arlene’s creativity as she rallies the troops to salute our country on the Fourth of July. Looking good pups!


Sharlleen's Pup Waldo!

Shelleen’s Pup Waldo!

This Freshpet Firecracker is not only adorable, but has Freshpet dog tags! Freshpet Strong is the way to be!


We will contact the winners with additional information on how to claim their prizes this week. Thanks again everyone for the amazing entries! Check out all of our patriotic pups and kitties here and on Facebook!