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Abandoned and Left for Dead, Susie Strives to Protect Animals from Abuse

By: Karina Delaine

It was fate that brought Donna and Susie together. As a puppy, Susie was abused and abandoned. Her first owner beat her and set her on fire, leaving her severely wounded and nearly dead. Donna on the other hand, was brutally attacked by a neighbor’s dog, which led to a miscarriage.




While both of them were learning to trust again, they found each other. “I saw this dog who was conquering her fear of humans and stepping out into the world and loving again. And I just thought if she could do it, so can I,” Donna shares with Barkpost.





As a team, they’ve been able to do remarkable things for animals in need. Susie’s Law was passed in 2010 in North Carolina, giving tougher sentencing to those convicted of animal abuse, such as an active prison sentence. They’ve also started a non-profit in Susie’s name that focuses on the education and prevention of animal abuse. Susie made it out alive, but unfortunately not all pets are as lucky. But organizations like Susie’s Hope help to inform the public of ways to truly care for pets in order to stop abuse before it even begins.



Susie and Donna signing Susie’s Law


Barkpost was so touched by their story that they decided to spoil Susie and Donna with an amazing day of surprises. Learn more about their story and recent trip to NYC in Barkpost’s “Dog’s Best Day” video.



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