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The Thanksgiving Pet Table

By: Karina Delaine

This year forget about the kid’s table, it’s time to prep for the Pet’s Table! There’s no better way to say “thank you for being an awesome pet,” to your dog or cat than surprising them with a Thanksgiving dinner. It doesn’t have to be an actual table; it can simply be a festive spot for your pet to enjoy a Freshpet turkey dinner of their own like the rest of the family.




Love the idea?  Head over to our Freshpet Facebook page and @tag a pet parent friend of yours in the comments of any of our Thanksgiving Pet’s Table posts for a chance to win everything you’ll need to make your own Pet Table setting for your cat or dog. Winners will receive:



Visit our Facebook page at now to enter!


If you do not have a Facebook profile, you may email us to enter at

14 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Pet Table

  1. My Diva and Rocky love freshpet. It keeps them healthy and happy.

  2. I already use your products – my dog’s love it and it’s high quality food I can get at my grocery store! Which surprised me.

  3. Thanks for the chance to win! My dogs love Freshpet!

  4. You have a turkey one for Thanksgiving? I hope my store carries it. My two big dogs love the chicken and hamburger but for Thanksgiving they want the human food stuff.

  5. My german shepherd had skin problems but since she’s on freshpet she is so much better, thank you

  6. I believe my pets that I save from EU list should get this free dinner, as they were all so lucky to still be alive. I rescue dogs out of my own pocket book have them fixed and all shots or any necessary vetting needing done such as Heart worm treatment to teeth pulled ect. I love dogs and will continue to help place those in need to only good forever homes, I have at least placed 20 this year alone . All went to fabulous homes, I never let them go till the home is perfect. All the dogs just love Freshpet, it is a hit with all the dogs, they gobble it right up. :)

  7. My dog name is Abby when she was out of shape and unhappy with other dog foods she don’t eat that much that she wasn’t happy and when I saw Freshpet and try to see if she like it…she fell love it and eat all then few days she was very good in the mood and happy..I’m so thanksful that Freshpet is change her mood…Thank u very much

  8. Snoopy would not regular hard dog food. I tried many brands until I finally got him Freshpet and he is a happy eater now! <3

  9. Ruby and Owen switched to Fresh Pet over 6 months ago! They love it, eat better, look better and have more energy! Thanks Fresh Pet! We love you.

  10. Great food for our dogs! Can’t wait to try with our cats!

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