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Three Days Into Dr. Katy’s Challenge, Things Are Getting Tougher

By: Freshpet


Today was a VERY LONG DAY. I had to work at the animal hospital until late today, so I sent my husband and kiddos out to eat for dinner tonight. Ordinarily, I would have cooked something earlier in the day and put it in the refrigerator for them to have for dinner, but that option was off the table, so to speak. Not exactly the money that we wanted to spend eating out, but not much of a choice.


Dinner tonight for me, on the other hand, was soup and crackers. Boring. High sodium. Convenient. As I was eating, it really led me to consider again the convenience factor I mentioned yesterday. Our lack of healthy options for our pets over the years have led to us feeding less-healthy dried kibble that leave our pets feeling unsatisfied because it’s a lot easier to pick up a bag of dried food than to find a healthy option.


Now, however, with FreshPet coming on the market in 2006, we have another option. A HEALTHY option. Preservative free. Healthy protein. Low carbohydrate. Nutritious. AND CONVENIENT.


My aha moment. My moment when I realized why FreshPet asked me to do this FreshPet Fridge Challenge. The refrigerator: the healthiest “preservative” on the market. You don’t have to have unhealthy additives in your foods to make them convenient. My way of looking at pet foods is evolving, and it’s for the better.


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