Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing Freshpet

What type of Freshpet food is right for my pet?

Freshpet believes in the difference fresh dog and cat food can make to the health of your pet. The choice between Freshpet recipes really depends on the individual needs and preferences of you and your pet.

All Freshpet foods are:

Where are Freshpet foods made?

All Freshpet refrigerated foods are made in our very own Freshpet Kitchens in the USA and by carefully selected human-food partners that are required to strictly adhere to our high quality food and safety standards.

Where can I find Freshpet?

Freshpet is carried in select stores in the UK, as well as many stores in the US and Canada. To find a Freshpet retailer near you, visit our Store Locator.

Are Freshpet foods raw? Is there a risk for parasites or harmful bacteria?

Freshpet makes gently cooked foods for pets. Freshpet refrigerated foods undergo pasteurization similar to milk and other freshly prepared foods.


Where do you source your ingredients?

97% of Freshpet ingredients come from the USA and Canada. 70% of Freshpet ingredients come from local farms. No Freshpet ingredients come from China.

Are Freshpet foods organic?

No, Freshpet foods are not organic. Few, if any, pet foods are 100% organic due to difficulty in sourcing organic ingredients, as well as their costliness. Our focus is on finding the highest quality, freshest, all natural ingredients.

Are Freshpet foods all natural?

Yes, Freshpet foods only use all natural ingredients. Freshpet foods never contain any artificial or chemical preservatives (BHA, propylene glycol) commonly found in traditional dry, canned and semi-moist pet food.

How does Freshpet verify the quality of their fresh meats?

All Freshpet poultry, beef and fish ingredients are sourced from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) registered suppliers who follow all USDA regulations for safe handling.

Why does Freshpet use fresh meats instead of rendered meals?

Freshpet uses fresh meats because they are fresher, held to higher quality standards, and are never pre-processed. Our fresh meats only include muscle meats, are never frozen or heated prior to being included in our recipes, and must be used within 7 days. Meat meals can include varying types and qualities of meat and waste products, are highly processed, and can have a shelf life of up to one year. Learn more about the differences between fresh meats and rendered meals here.

What is inulin?

Inulin, also called chicory root, is a prebiotic, which helps with nutrient absorption. It is a high quality, soluble and functional fibre source, which aids in the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream, especially in foods that contain high amounts of fresh meat and fish.

Why do your products contain salt? Shouldn’t we monitor sodium intake in pets?

Freshpet uses minimal amounts of salt and potassium chloride (lite salt) in our recipes to help combine our fresh meats. Our salt levels are within the ranges recommended by veterinary nutritionists.

Product Usage

What is the best way to switch to an all Freshpet diet?

When switching from another brand of pet food to Freshpet, we recommend doing so gradually over a period of 7-10 days.

Can Freshpet foods be frozen and stored in my freezer for future use?

Yes, they can be frozen, however no Freshpet foods are frozen before you purchase them in your local store. If you choose to freeze the food, you may see a slight change in color and texture when thawed out.

How can I tell if the product is fresh when I buy it at the store?

Just like the fresh human food you buy, there is a sell by date on each package of Freshpet food. Once opened, we recommend you use our foods within 7 days.

Once served, how long is it safe to leave Freshpet refrigerated foods in my dog or cat’s bowl?  

Treat Freshpet refrigerated foods as if you would freshly prepared foods at home. We recommend that you do not leave refrigerated food in the bowl for longer than 2-3 hours.

Freshpet Nutrition

Is Freshpet complete and balanced nutrition?

Freshpet foods are 100% complete and balanced and exceed AAFCO’s minimum standards for canine and feline nutrition. To ensure your pet is getting all the nutrition he or she requires, feed a complete and balanced food.

Is the protein level in Freshpet recipes appropriate for all dogs?

For pets that have pancreatic problems or compromised renal function (i.e. kidney), high protein diets made from meat and fish should be avoided. If your pet suffers from these conditions, consult your veterinarian to determine if Freshpet is appropriate.

My pet is on a special diet from our veterinarian. Can I use Freshpet food?  

It’s always best to ask your veterinarian if Freshpet is appropriate for your pet’s specific condition before introducing it into his or her diet.

Contacting Freshpet

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