Why Vets Recommend
Fresh Pet Food

Fresh Ingredients

“I know that for my family to be healthy I have to feed them fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy lean meats. Why would I not do
the same for my pets?

I choose Freshpet because the quality shows in their foods. Not only in how the food looks and smells, but how it makes my dogs look and feel. Fresh meats, veggies, fruits and grains all combined in a delicious way without chemical preservatives and fillers. That is the healthy way to feed your family…both the two-leggers, and the four-leggers.”

Dr. Katy Nelson, DVM

Gently Cooked

“Freshpet is cooked gently by steam only. Published nutritional studies have demonstrated that key nutrients like essential amino acids are more bio-available when they are cooked that way over extrusion (the process used for cooking kibble), canning and even raw.”

Dr. Gerardo Perez-Camargo PhD, and Freshpet VP of Research & Development

High Palatability

Because Freshpet is made with high meat content and fresh ingredients, it is highly palatable. In other words, it’s not only healthy, it’s delicious too and often the meal of choice for converting picky eaters.

“This can be beneficial for use in recovery after illness or surgery or even in cases of animals who haven’t been fed an adequate or appropriate meal.”

Dr. Melissa Brookshire, DVM


“Fresh food is lower in carbs and high in meat content, which is easier for dogs and cats to breakdown, helping them to maintain a healthy
weight and gain muscle mass.

Freshpet doesn’t use any preservatives or by-products, allowing our pets to easily digest their food, get the nutrients and energy they need, and avoid eating unnecessary carbs and fillers that are prevalent in commercial kibble.”

Dr. Gerardo Perez-Camargo PhD, and Freshpet VP of Research & Development

A Safer Alternative to Raw

Feeding a raw diet for your cat or dog has its risks. Raw meat can carry harmful bacteria, leaving our pets vulnerable to E. Coli,
Salmonella, Listeria and more.

A healthy alternative is feeding steam-cooked fresh food like Freshpet. The gentle cooking process helps to kill off harmful bacteria, but doesn’t over-cook the healthy nutrients our pets need.

The Benefits of Fresh

Icon Coat
Shinier, Softer Skin & Coat
The fatty acids found in our fresh animal proteins help maintain healthy coats and prevent dry skin and shedding.
Icon Food
Great for Picky Eaters
Even the pickiest pets love fresh meats and veggies. Don’t be surprised when they lick their bowls clean and beg for more.
Icon Digestion
Improved Digestion
Gently cooked ingredients like fiber-rich veggies, make our meals easy for pets to digest with fewer upset stomachs.
Icon Weight
Healthier Weight
High-protein meals with amino acids help pets build lean muscle, so they can reach and maintain a healthy weight.
Icon Alergy
Allergy Relief
Grain-free recipes, single protein sources and no fillers make our foods an ideal choice for pets with allergies.
Icon Energy
Increased Energy
Fresh meat has all of the essential nutrients pets need for maximum energy and more playtime.
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