Real pet food, fresh from the fridge.

What Is Freshpet?

Freshpet is real, all natural pet food made from scratch with the freshest ingredients in our kitchen. Our meals are crafted using real meat and veggies you can see. We never have any preservatives – that’s why you’ll find us in the fridge in the pet food aisle.

What Makes Freshpet Different

We never use any pre-processed "meat meals," like you might find in traditional pet food.

US raised chicken or beef is the #1 ingredient in our products, and we never make compromises when it comes to the quality of our food.

What We Stand For

All pets and pet parents deserve a safer, happier, and healthier world.

We're always finding ways to reduce our impact on the environment and lend a helping hand to pets all over.

What's In Our Food

Packed with vitamins and protein, our products use high-quality meats, poultry, and vegetables farmed in America.

Unlike traditional pet foods, Freshpet gently cooks food at low temperatures to retain nutrients. That means your pet gets more nutrients from our ingredients, like amino acids, the basic building blocks that help dogs and cats grow, thrive, and get the most out of life.

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  • "My dog gets so excited at dinnertime, tail wagging, she comes and sits down by her place, eagerly awaiting Freshpet"
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