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We believe our dogs and cats deserve real fresh food to help them live their best, happiest, tail-wagging lives. So we developed a totally different ideology on how to feed our four legged family members. It’s really simple: use fresh, whole ingredients, gently cooked without preservatives, and kept in the fridge where meats belong. What is Freshpet? It’s the future of pet food.

Our recipes are made with US-raised chicken or beef delivered daily to our Freshpet Kitchens, then steam-cooked to lock in vital nutrients. And it’s all done according to FDA and USDA standards, under the oversight of four veterinary nutritionists.
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Chicken Locally sourced, 100% US-farm raised, and antibiotic free.
Beef 100% farm-raised for a high-quality protein that powers a healthy diet.
Spinach Fiber-rich spinach helps make our meals easy on the digestive system, and promotes regularity.
Cranberries An excellent source of potassium, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin A.

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Chester's Story
Submitted Aug 26, 2021

Dear Freshpet, Chester is a 6-year-old English Bulldog rescue that did not come with any instructions. He was very skinny and we were told by our vet that he had stomach issues. We tried many different approaches to mealtime, but it was always the same scenario. Week one would be okay and then in week two Chester would full-on stop eating. This horrible cycle continued for about 4 months. I was at my wit's end, but when at the pet store I saw your food, and I thought it could be my last hope. Well, I am so happy to say we are going on week 4 and Chester has gained some weight, is now more vibrant, looks forward to mealtime, and his tummy is 100% better. I can not thank you enough. Love, Dawn (the most grateful owner)

Jul 17, 2020


"3 months ago my husband and I rescued Skyler, a Jack Russell mix with Pitbull. She barely had energy and looked skinny. The first thing we did was to look up all the brands for dog food and Freshpet was the best we found. 3 months after feeding Skyler this magnificent food, she’s the fastest dog in the park and has energy for days! All she wants to do is run and play with everyone. All the dog owners are amazed about how fast and energetic she is. She is so fit, and very strong. Lastly, we thought she would get bored of her food, but we see how she devours it and loves it!"

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