Freshpet Custom Meals™ is available exclusively at Start Now
Freshpet Custom Meals™ is available exclusively at Start Now

Freshpet Dog Joy and Dog Nation

We know they're called "treats," but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be as fresh, healthy, and nutritious as the rest of the food we feed our dogs! The ingredients in Freshpet Dog Joy and Freshpet Dog Nation treats are sourced using the same rigorous process we have for all our food. So you can feel good about handing out a little extra.
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Dog Joy® and Dognation® meat treats and chews are fresh and delicious snacks you can feel good about giving your pooch.

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Lucy's Story

Lucy is our Shih Tzu mix rescue that we have had for one year. She is the sweetest thing but I have never had a dog that was not food motivated-until Lucy. Now that we are feeding her Freshpet she is excited to eat and actually asks for her food now. Before she would not eat until almost bedtime because she was waiting for something better to be put in her dish. Not now - now she wants food first thing in the morning. She is a happy dog now! Thanks Freshpet from Lucy.

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Jun 11, 2021

My little guy loves these!

I bought these for my little guy and I had bought every treat on the market for him. From expensive to inexpensive treats, he would eat one, maybe. So, I got this with not much hope he would eat them. I was very wrong - he wanted to eat them! He would have eaten the whole bag if I would have let him. He loves them! I am going to now buy your food for him. Thank you Freshpet!

Dongation turkey bacon treats for dogs
Dognation® Turkey Bacon Treats for Dogs
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