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A hit with my picky eater!
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Aug 09, 2020
Thank you!!

I bought this a few days ago on the off chance Ginger may like it. I was wrong. She loves it. She had quit eating and I had tried everything. She does a “hurry up” dance when I go to get it out of the refrigerator. So thank you for making a product or products my dog will eat. She has quit crying all the time and I have quit worrying all the time.

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Jul 17, 2020

3 months ago my husband and I rescued Skyler, a Jack Russell mix with Pitbull. She barely had energy and looked skinny. The first thing we did was to look up all the brands for dog food and Freshpet was the best we found. 3 months after feeding Skyler this magnificent food, she’s the fastest dog in the park and has energy for days! All she wants to do is run and play with everyone. All the dog...

Oliver has finally found a dog food he loves

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